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Artist Spotlight: Anta52


Meet 25 year old Lazaro Sanchez aka Anta52. Like most people his age from Coachella Valley, Lazaro grew up on a steady diet of 90’s cartoons, Mad Magazine, skateboard catalogs and graffiti. Like a sponge, he absorbed all that was around him and was constantly inspired to redraw and reinterpret what he saw. From an early age, Lazaro was already stenciling and printing his own stickers and slapping them up where ever he could. As his talent developed, he focused on learning printing techniques, graphic design and illustration. Now fast forward, he has collaborated with many indie bands and musicians, meeting and befriending people at their shows and working on shirt graphics and flyers with them. He’s currently working on an album cover for AJ Davila Y Terror Amor (ex – Davilla666) as well as series of daily drawings titled “New Year, New…” on his Instagram. You can find more Lazaro’s awesome work on his website and instagram below:



Instagram: @anta52 /