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Abstract Crafts is a young French collective supported by Obey Clothing France, based in Bordeaux that aims to promote and import locally the Beat Scene music and aesthetics that they consider one of the finest -and also largely underestimated – sonic treats nowadays. First appeared in Los Angeles at venues like Low End Theory, the « Beat Scene » consists in futuristic, eclectic and experimental sonic landscapes that subtly blends instrumental Hip-Hop, trap, boom-bap and bass music with a little dash of psychedelic atmospheres. Sometimes trippy and chilled out, other times more uptempo and lush, its best representatives are Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer, the whole Soulection roster, Ras G, Kaytranada, Shlohmo, Nosaj Thing or Tokimonsta…

Illustration by Faak & Paat Studio dedicated to Abstract Crafts Collective.

To achieve this goal, the crew focuses mainly on event organization in their South-West hometown and have held more than ten events at the Iboat, a club considered amongst the best in Europe, inviting big names, up and coming producers or local talents.

On the whole, people were able to assist to performances by the likes of Slugabed (Ninja Tune), Wantigga (HW&W Recordings), Rusty Hook (Rooftops Horizon), Mincha (Raw Records) or more recently, for their first birthday party in January, Stwo and Myth Syzer, two of the best French artists of the movement.

Photography : Anaïs Vindel

For their new gig that happens to take place next week, the Flow-Fi record label is in the spotlight as Abstract Crafts is inviting two of their best performers on the roster, Maximus MMC and Sh?m, alongside Paris-based producer and founder of Moose Records Andrea and Bordeaux resident KAK.

An assurance to spend a really good night in the middle of the week and to dance heavily to the aerial bass driven, synth heavy genre-Melding music that the quatuor will offer to the audience.

More information on Facebook Event.

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