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Graphic designer extraordinaire Alex Aranovich has been going nuts all weekend about his friend Nick Felton’s new endeavor. Alex was really excited and says Nick is the best graphic designer he knows so I’d be tripping if I didn’t give this stuff a gander. Now it’s time to get weird with these sites.

On the business tip, the works of Nick Felton:

And Feltron appears:

Now is where the inner nerd appears. Feltron has been keeping track statistically of pretty much every thing he does over the last few years. At year’s end he publishes a report of what he ate, drank, where he traveled, how many hours he worked, what he listened to, how many photos he took, format of the photos taken, places the photos were taken… you get the point.

His annual reports


Feltron has created a site for other obsessive folks to track what they are up to. At first I thought you need to have OCD to enjoy this but I’m unorganized as shit and couldn’t stop thinking I ways I could track things in my life. Forget Myspace or Facebook, why do I need to keep in contact with a bunch of kids from high school I never liked to begin with? Naw, just kidding but this site isn’t blocked at work yet and it’s real intriguing so I’m gonna sign up.

Check out the blog for a brief explanation and then get into the site.

And the Beta site…
(please remember this is a beta test site and they are working out the kinks with ongoing testing)


And last but not least, the guy who made this post happen, AAA. Check out some of Alex’s work: