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A Week on Earth continues in Tel Aviv! I don’t think I really need to keep repeating how amazing our travels were – just see for yourself 🙂

We spent a lot of time in the Raw Tapes studio with Yuvi, a mastermind on they keys. It’s always a pleasure watching Free The Robots in his true element. This trip along he probably laid down enough tracks to put out several new albums.

The Dookie Stick

One of the best places to eat, Port Sa’id– fresh veggies and fresh vinyl all day every day. I think we became regulars here by the end of our trip.

They even had an herb garden out front 😉

As night fell, the place turned to a madhouse so we decided to walk down the street

To TEDER.FM – a pop up radio station with rotating DJ’s playing out of a van, while visuals are projected onto the surrounding buildings. Tel Aviv really knows how to create an amazing environment to drink in

I think PILPELED knew we were coming and decided to paint a portrait of Free The Robots creepin at the end of the hallway

The next night we travelled back to Jerusalem for a show in an abandoned train car which was transformed into a psychedelic installation with mirrors and cardboard patterns that lined the ceilings and walls.

I think is the the only picture from the entire trip with all of us in it.. and we’re out of our minds.

The next morning we hit the market to stock up on some nutritional essentials to get us through a day exploring in the desert

Ein Prat Nature Reserve! An oasis in the middle of the Judean Desert

Thanks to EVERYONE who welcomed us into your homes and hearts during our trip. If you’re reading this you all know who you are. You really made 3 foreign weirdos feel at home in Israel, much love! Until the next adventure.. ~THC_J, FREETHEROBOTS, PHILNISCO