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The second leg of A Week on Earth began with a coastal tour of Haifa, Israel – a beautiful port city built on the Northern slopes of Mount Carmel. I’ve been following Broken Fingaz ever since Free The Robots toured Israel last year and it was an honor to celebrate the grand opening of Kartel ( a music venue / gallery / evolving outdoor mural) in their hometown. Enjoy the picture play by play below 🙂

Since Day 1 the sun continually smiled upon us and I knew our stay would be promising

Began at the gypsy flea market filled with treasures that lined the streets and alley ways

Translation: The Wonders of Microwave Cooking

While digging through vintage Israeli birthday cards, questionable antiques and really obscure porn, we met some people that invited us to come swim in the Mediterranean Sea.

Octopus vibes

The day continued with a sound check at one of the most amazingly repurposed buildings I’ve ever been in. The Kartel space was an abandoned movie theatre transformed into synagogue for psychos (I mean that in the best way possible). Painted murals from the Ghostown Crew filled the facade and the interior. Future shows will feature new artists on the rest of the blank portions of the building.

The Easy Rider sound system

Homies on homies on homies – Philnisco, Free The Robots, TANT, Yuvi (Raw Tapes / Rejoicer)


Here’s a small look at the Sex Picnic flash exhibition that originally debuted in London.

On the second night of the grand opening Kalbata x Mixmonster screened their documentary Congo Beat The Drum. A 2+ year project spent recording a 100% analogue reggae/dub album then traveling throughout Kingston to collaborate with legendary singers and deejays such as Jah Thomas, Little John, Trinity, Echo Minott, Mutabaruka, Major Mackerel, Puddy Roots and the sadly, recently departed Prince Jazzbo. It was extremely inspiring to see two talented producers from Israel doing the same thing in Jamaica, that we are trying to do in their home country.


Stay tuned, last stop Tel Aviv!