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A Broad Spectrum of Works

Being the space cadet that I am, yesterday I woke up thinking it would just be another lazy Sunday.. and then I realized it was the day I had tickets to The Broad, LA’s latest contemporary art museum! Up until now I’ve been experiencing this museum vicariously through everyone’s Instagram.. and I must tell you – all of the pictures on social media and even the pictures you’re about to scroll through don’t do this place justice. You just have to go see it for yourself, preferably under the influence of your favorite, safe but potent psychotropic.

The facade of the building is a glorious piece of art in itself. Being a past student of architecture and design, I could’ve geeked out on this building for hours

Ascending the escalator into the main gallery felt like we were about to board a UFO

I was immediately attracted to El Anatsui’s shimmering Red Block installation, constructed from hundreds of aluminum liquor labels

Jeff Koons

The silhouettes of Kara Walker were probably one of my favorite parts of the exhibition

I think most senior citizens would agree

Damien Hirst & Andreas Gursky

Super compelled by this playful framing by John Baldessari

I’ve been fortunate to be the test subject for high potency marijuana delivery devices… like this Blue Dream inhaler 🙂 it’s safe for birds too

Blasting off in front of Mike Kelley’s Infinite Expansion

Glenn Ligon

Dante caught creepin on Haircut by Eric Fischl

Barbara Kruger

The eyes of this Basquiat piece kept following me. Weird recognize weird.

Standing close to a Chuck Close