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99 Bottles Of Beers aka it's nobody's business how many drinks I had

The very talented Dale Dreiling over at Shepard’s Studio Number One, has a gallery show this weekend in Denver. If you’re in Denver and you don’t go, I will personally hunt you down and give you a good talking too because Dale’s work is fresh to death! Info on the show below. On a side note, two of Philly’s finest and friends of the OBEY crew (Jim Houser and Isaac Lin) will also be showing at the gallery.

Black Book Gallery presents the work of Dale Dreiling with the exhibition of two bodies of work shown together in their project gallery. The first series, 99 Bottles of Beer, consists of 50 acrylic on canvas paintings. The second series: 18 Cans of Beer, is 18 acrylic painted castings of actual beer cans. Both series pay tribute to the world of craft beer and play off the aesthetics of beer labels design. The hyper-color sculpture and gestural painting of the artist are a fusion of the Expressionist, Funk, Pop and Punk art movements. Dale is an Art Director for Studio Number One and is a regular contributor of apparel graphics to the OBEY Clothing seasonal line. He currently lives and works between Los Angeles and Ventura, CA.
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