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After months of waiting and uncontrollable impatience, I received the book of the year today, Sangbleu’s 1000- A Book of Tattoo Designs featuring the works of legendary artist, Maxime Buchi, creative director and founder of the publication that started years ago. It has been an absolute pleasure to see one of the originators of an underground print publication highlighting the subversive criteria of sex, tattoos, and avante garde/ underground fashion expand into digital media and now into a full blown creative compound in London. While it totally blows my mind that Sang Bleu was a huge influence in my years of development, I can’t explain the joy that unfurled in my couchless office when I got my package. Straight 5 years old on Christmas.
I highly recommending purchasing this book if you’re into tattoo culture, and you can still purchase while available here. In the black box with Maxime’s signature logo, you will slide it open and find a book and USB of Maxime’s artwork that is nothing short of impressive and inspiring. Check out a flash into the experience.
Get. Ready.


For more info on Sangbleu & Maxime you can find in the links the below:
I can’t spoil it, so you’ll have to buy one of your own. Or stop by my office.