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1 Year of Tears- Emo Night Anniversary Show

It only feels like yesterday that we met up with Emo Night LA’s trifecta-grand crew, Barbara Szabo, Morgan Freed, and TJ Petracca. Hosted on the first Tuesday of every month at the Echoplex, you may have seen the crowds line up on Glendale Boulevard anticipating the serenades of guest DJs playing hits from their guilty pleasure playlists of pop-punk, emo, and sad as fuck melodies. With TJ, Babz, and little Morgan spinning the best sing your heart out tunes and bringing in the best lineups, Taking Back Tuesday generated so much hype that other cities around the country started requesting to have their own Emo Night. I can’t describe the feeling of excitement, because you’d have to be there to witness the die hard fans belting out every lick of a song as if the bands were on stage; mind you this was only in its beginning stages. Because of the craze Emo Night has brought, they now have live performances mixed in with the DJ sets, and they’re only growing. Thanks to these three, Taking Back Tuesday has reminded the music community that people actually still listen to albums, are loyal fans, and just want to have fun. Artists have responded to that, and whats even better, is the crowd that Emo Night brings supercede any festival, major concert, or just whack venue where people just are there to be present for the sake of saying “i went to this” and not participate. Its a united front.
Fast forward to yesterday- Emo Night’s 1 Year Anniversary Show. When I say that I’ve seen people sing and bleed their hearts out when songs like Hands Down would come on? Imagine what happened when Morgan, TJ, and Babz were approached by Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carraba, Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus, All Time Low’s Jack Backarat, My Chemical Romance’s Mikey Way, Fidlar, and more all to perform on one night? Their list thereafter basically looked something like this: 1. Take over The Echo and The Echoplex 2. Have Rolling Stones announce lineup (it sold in 30 seconds) 3. Die Legends.
These folks took it from the Short Stop, to The EchoPlex, The Echo AND The Echoplex, and now are touring around the states satisfying the voids of our depressed generation needing an outlet that’s familiar and one that they can unleash their suppressed nostalgia towards hits that may be judged by others. Honestly, don’t lie, just accept the fact you like one emo song, it’s okay.
Obey couldn’t be more happy than to partner with 3 of the funnest and creative geniuses in the scene. Partying with them last night was definitely one to remember, though I may be struggling to right now with the hangover. If you didn’t make it, you can follow them to Denver and San Francisco, or find them at The Echoplex on the first Tuesday of every month, and get your sad as fuck fix on. I know we did.

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Ride or cry bitchez.