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I met Stephen Zeigler at my friend Stuart Noble’s memorial and he mentioned that he was working on a project to turn Indian Alley in downtown LA into a series of interlaced murals focusing on human rights and Native issues. He knew I had done some work for the American Indian Movement and the Honor The Treaties initiative, and asked if I’d be interested in painting a mural in the alley of the “We Are Still Here” piece I collaborated with Aaron Huey on. I was enthusiastic about doing it because I love the image and I am focusing on the Honor The Treaties initiative with my Obey Awareness Program this season through Obey Clothing. All profits from the T-shirts go to support Native art and awareness initiatives. Check it out at

The crew and I headed out at 9AM Fri. and it was already 91 degrees when I looked at my car thermometer. The heat and the fact that I’d never done a multi-layered stencil with color fades in every layer made the project a little stressful, but it came together well. Wild Life painted some great faux bricks around the piece to reinforce the feeling of eroding history. Thanks to Dan, Nic, Z, and Rob for helping execute, and to Brent Broza and Stephen Zeigler for shooting photos. Visit to see how the project is working and check out the Native artists the T-shirt funds will support. There has been a smattering of negative feedback about my work in Indian Alley because I’m white and not Native, but I’m only trying to support something I believe in. Also… Jaque Fragua who is very talented, and ethically qualified as Native, will be painting a mural there. My goal is to bring people together, so F#@K the divisive politics! Thanks for caring.